poetry resume

**Sometimes I am a bit slow at updating this page– and submitting and publishing in general– but do check back here, since I no longer blog, and only announce publications on very limited social media. Thanks!**


Halfway Down the Stairs, March 2018

Looking for The Golden State

Reservoir, Issue V, March 2018

Aubade with Brushfire, San Diego-Tiajuana Border

SWWIM 1/1/2018


Uppagus, Issue 24, July 2017


WASPFISH, chapbook, Glass Lyre Press, 2016


Supplication for No More Than This

Something You Cannot Control

Connotation Press, September 2016


Vals Go Home 

Juked Magazine, August 2016


Blackbird’s Wake

Suisun Valley Review, issue #33 Spring 2016


100 Retrograde Flowers

Zero Fucks About Love

Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal Spring 2016

Zero Fucks About Love

Arsenic Lobster print anthology 2016


Live Better, Electrically

The Illusion of the Odyssey

DISTRICT LIT 2016 Reader’s Choice



Pirene’s Fountain, Volume 8, Issue 16 




Right Hand Pointing, Issue 93, Rhinochimaera2016



Right Hand Pointing, Issue 86, Sunspot 2015


 A Brief Guide to Bird as Dervish

On the Night Train, South toward Mexico

System of Reckoning

burntdistrict, Summer 2015 Vol. 4, Issue 1


 TEN, chapbook, Dancing Girl Press, 2014


In the Monastery of the Angels

Loss, El Mirage Lake, Mojave Desert

In the Body Garden

CSHS Quartley Journal, Issue One, March 2014


Hoarder, Finalist, Naugatuck River Review Narrative Poetry Contest, Winter 2014


With Miniature House

Crack the Spine, Issue 103, February 2014


Flutter Poetry Journal, November 2013

A Bottle Full of Fuses

Flutter Poetry Journal, October 2013

Postcard From Space 

Flutter Poetry Journal, September 2013



Red River Review August 2013


An Instance of Affliction

Right Hand Pointing, Issue 66, August 2013


What Euripides Knew


Recurring Dream



Inside the Dollhouse

I Picture Egypt

Issue 10, HOD (a handful of dust) Magazine June 2013


Breakfast, 7 AM

The Bloodroot Flower

We Find Ourselves Looking at Extinct Creatures

Referential Magazine November 2012





I Want to Marry the Marlboro Man


ken*again  Summer Anniversary Issue 2012


This is Not a Train Poem

Referential Magazine June 2012


Why I Don’t Remember Birthdays

Things That are Still Broken

Linden Avenue Literary Journal Issue One, June 2012




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